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Public Notice
Public in General, Film Producers, Overseas Film Distributors, and the persons involved in Broadcasting / Telecasting and/or Telecommunication services are hereby notified and informed that my Client STUDIO SIDDHARTH having Registered Office at 9, City Center, Opp. G.E.B, Dhaber Road, Rajkot - 360001 are the absolute and exclusive owners INTER-ALIA OF COPYRIGHT of Literary, Dramatic and Musical works as well as that of Sound Recordings and Audio Visual Songs (Songs in Video format) of old and existing repertoire of cinematograph Music albums, albums including like ‘Halo Shaktimaa na Devada, Shree Mahakali Chalisha, Bhinjay Gharcholu Bhinjay Chundadi, Chamunda Mano Chandarvo, Daldu Lagyu Dashamana Devle, Dhoopna Dhuvade, Dhukhiyani Beli Ma Ashapura, Halo Shakti Maa na Devle Part-1, Dholi Taro Dhol, Rangili Koyal, Mana Pankhida, Panetar Part-1, Manek Stambh Panetar Part-7, Narsinh Mehtana Prabhatiya and Gujarati films like ‘Radha Chudlo Perje Mara Naam No’ to name a few in every formats whether now known or to be invented in future for the territories of entire world. Accordingly, the public in General, Film Producers, Overseas Film Distributors and all concerned services involved in Broadcasting/Telecasting and/or Telecommunicating including but not limited to Broadband / DTH services of the Sound Recordings, Audio Visual Songs and Ringtones/ All Mobile & Digital content formats and in public performance etc. of the same are hereby warned not to indulge in any unauthorized Broadcasting, Telecasting and/or Telecommunicating of my Client's Sound Recordings, Audio-Visual Songs and/or Ringtones in any Mobile or Digital Platform content formats and/or Public Performance etc. in any manner from any of my Client's films in which they hold the copyrights. All licenses/ permissions are (valid only if duly signed by Mr. Ranjeet Herma, Managing Director of the Company) or their exclusive licensee in writing only. My Client's shall initiate legal Actions both Civil and/or Criminal against all such persons who are found involved in any illegal activity without any further notice.

Reg. Audio - Visual rights of songs of various Album acquired by M/s Studio Siddharth.

My Client M/s Studio Siddharth having their Registered office at 9, City Center, Opp. G.E.B, Dhaber Road, Rajkot - 360001, are one of the largest producer and publisher inter-alia of sound Recordings and videos under their well known trade mark Studio Siddharth. My client have acquired "exclusive Audio - Visual rights of the songs" for worldwide exploitation in all formats for number of Album to name a few as mentioned below: -

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